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Candice Hooper

mindful mother. lover. creator. yogini. surfer. body work therapist. flower essence consultant. authentic adverturer

Hi I am Candice and I am the creator of YUGA. I am also a mother to two divine little boys Koa & Jahli, and wife to my gorgeous husband Gareth. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for almost 10 years, and I simply cannot imagine my life without it. Yoga has become my beloved travelling companion on this journey called life. Yoga has enabled me to heal the chronic anxiety’s I endured in my 20’s, it has supported me through my pregnancies and births, and it gives me strength, compassion, understanding and joy as I move through motherhood. As a busy mum I certainly do not spend the time I used to on the mat, but this has deepened my practice allowing me to move beyond simply asana. I endeavour to flow through my life from my heart space, following my true path, listening to the signs, and connecting with others from this place of love. I am also a body work therapist where I use myofascial release techniques and Australian Bush Flower Essences to help people release what they no longer need to carry. Over my journey so far I have travelled far and studied with many amazing teachers and ran many yoga and wellness retreats, workshops and events. I am excited to connect, educate and uplift people through the platform of YUGA, to give them space to simply breathe and be, and to reconnect to themselves in some of the most beautiful and magical places on this divine earth.

I look forward to meeting you on one of YUGAS authentic adventures.





Kate Patch

Chaandra Yoga & Wellness Retreat
Surfer. yogini. earth mother. lover. foody. health & wellness guru

Hi I am Kate and I believe the key to a happy healthy life is balance. I have been practising yoga for 15 years and have been a qualified instructor for 4 years. I studied through the Australian College of Classical Yoga. The style of yoga that I practise and teach is both Hatha and Iyengar based. The focus of the classes I teach will be alignment, breath, strength and flow.

Food has been a passion of mine from a young age. Food is fuel. To be strong, healthy and happy one must provide the body with the best fuel possible. I completed a Bachelor of Science at Flinders University. This has helped me to understand how our bodies utilize the food we eat, as well as how the processes by which we prepare our food can affect the quality of it.

I have been blessed to spend the last 9 years of my working life at one of Australias leading health retreats. Until I had my son 2 1/2 years ago I was full time in the kitchen. It was here that I learnt many amazing recipes catering to all different food requirements. I believe in eating whole foods and have worked closely with naturopaths for years. During this time I have aquired abundant knowledge of correct food preparation, techniques and food treatment. I gave weekly cooking demonstrations as well, where I was able to show easy, healthy recipes whilst providing information about the correct treatment of the food.

At CHAANDRA Yoga & Wellness Retreat, I will share this knowledge of cooking and food preparation with you as well as nourishing you with fresh, local produce.


grace-hawkinsGrace Hawkins

Chaandra Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Grace has a deep passion for complementary and preventative health medicine. She loves guiding people to help them achieve their optimal health, well-being and balance through Bio-dynamic Naturopath, which brings balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

With over 13 years’ experience practicing as an integrative Naturopath, Grace has a Bachelor of Health Science and Complementary medicine, an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and is certified in Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.

Grace has a strong philosophy is that every person is completely individual, with unique individual biochemical needs and therefore needs to be assessed and treated as such. The integration of medical science and naturopathic science is the ultimate healthcare available in the quest for the prevention of illness and disease and is a pathway to health that is much easier to apply than waiting until you need a cure.

We need to use food as our medicine, as the body needs whole foods and good nutrition to heal from the inside out.

Our mental, emotional and spiritual spheres influence our physical body and can have a large impact on our everyday functioning, for example everyday stress can create blockages on our path towards health, healing, longevity, vitality and well-being. A holistic approach that addresses all these areas is essential in any preventative health treatment protocol.

Grace is involved in Naturopathic Consultations and Preventative Health Education at one of Australia’s leading Health Retreats “Gaia Retreat and Spa” and Byron Bay’s first Integrative Medical Centre “The Health Lodge”

Grace works with a diverse array of health ailments and specialises in the nutritional and biochemical needs of the body. Covering all areas of woman’s health and reproductive function throughout all ages, mood disorders, weight management, digestive health and stress management.

Grace will be offering personalised Naturopathic consults to Chaandra’s Ultimate Yuga Experience guests and is available to ALL Chaandra guests at an extra cost, unless booked out.


Melanie Finn – Me Time – Day Retreats

Hello there 🙂 my name is Melanie.

I am a loving wife, sister, friend, daughter and mumma of two beautiful children whose mission in life is to live life as healthfully, holistically and naturally as I can!

I am on a journey to improve the happiness, health and wellbeing of myself and my family and am passionate about empowering, educating and motivating others to do the same by sharing my knowledge and experiences with others as I learn along the way.

I am a doTERRA Essential Oils wellness advocate and educator. I absolutely LOVE everything about these beautiful, pure, natural oils and haven’t looked back since the day that they came into my life. Essential Oils can sometimes be perceived as just a nice smelling luxury item, which is partly true, they do thrill the senses and smell absolutely divine! But…….. they are so much more deeper than that, so much more powerful and have so many amazing health, both physically and emotionally, benefits and are revolutionising the way we manage our health. I am super excited to educate and share amazing health benefits these oils provide with you.

I am also a Holistic Wellness and Health Coach in the making currently studying at the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition. I am extremely passionate about nutrition and love fuelling my body with nutritious, healthful food. I love cooking and learning about health, the body and what’s good for us. I believe that “food is medicine” and the food we eat is so important to our, happiness health and wellbeing.

Meditation is another passion of mine. I first gave Meditation a go a little over two years ago when I was working my way through a few struggles and challenges in my life which were causing me a lot of stress and anxiety and were affecting my ability to cope with all of the emotions and thoughts I had rushing around in my head. I had been attending yoga classes for years and at this time in my life I noticed that Savasana (the meditation part at the end of the yoga class) was soon becoming my favourite part of the class and I began craving it so I thought I would give this Meditation and Mindfulness bizzo a go! Now, my life is much more balanced and I undoubtedly have come to appreciate and value the empowering benefits that taking time out to simply breathe and disconnect from our thoughts provides our mind, body and soul. Meditation has truly enhanced my life and continues to do so on a daily basis.

My mission is to combine my passions to help empower others to “live life healthfully” using natural, pure and holistic solutions so that we can all be the best, most healthful and balanced versions of ourselves

You can contact Melanie @HealthfulEssentials

Jay Hoad – Presence in Paradise – Fiji Retreatjay hoad 4

Fijian born didgeridoo and stringed instrument virtuoso Jay Hoad has studied music and performed his original music from a very young age. He has spent the past 10 years following the sun and his inspiration for music performing throughout the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia, Bali, Fiji, India, Canada and North America, keeping up a relentless performance schedule and performing at some of the worlds most prestigious music festivals.

Jay began studying music therapy in the USA in 2005 and in 2007 opened “Healing with Harmony” in Maryland USA, a practice combining massage therapy with live music composed for each client. Jay has since composed and performed his unique style of “Earth Music” with numerous yoga, massage, meditation and healing groups around the world. Jay is collaborating with Yuga for our ‘Presence in Paradise’ Fiji Retreat.

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