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flower essence 3

what is the difference between essential oils and flower essences?

flower essence 1

What is the difference between Essential Oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences? THIS is a question I am asked all the time, and if I am not asked it, many of my students and clients assume they are the same thing… and I explain in my best Indonesian that they are ‘same same but different’ 🙂

Australian Bush Flower Essences are vibrational medicines…energy medicines that work on our subtle bodies (chakras, meridians, nadis) and our emotions. I describe them as ‘little power potions’ that can quite simply change your life. big call. But I have been using them for around 8 years and they have helped me shift thought patterns, beliefs, blockages, emotions…all of which probably would have taken me years to work through…if at all!

Australian Bush Flowers, unlike Essential Oils, do not contain any plant matter at all and are generally taken internally under the tongue. Thousands of years ago, alchemists believed that the dew drops collected on the leaves of the flowers and plants overnight contained magical powers. As time passed, ways were found to capture these drops of the plants in order to support health and healing. Today we collect the flowers, place them in a bowl in the sunlight, and allow the water to infuse with plants healing vibrational offering. We then collect the water, bottle it with a little brandy to preserve…and a Bush essence is created.

There are hundreds of remedies to support you, whether you want to create more love, joy or motivation, or live with less fear, worry and anxieties. When I create a personal blend for a client, I infuse it with a mantra, and tell my clients that the mantra is contained in liquid form within the bottle… they are literally little bottles of intention.

doTERRA oils

Essential Oils on the other hand are extracted from the plants, seeds, flowers and trees so do contain plant matter. Essential Oils have been used throughout time in a practice called aromatherapy for their healing and nurturing abilities. We all know that nature has abundant healing powers, and Essential Oils are our way to extract and then use these healing qualities.

Essential oils are powerful, and a little goes a long way. One drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.. bam! you definitely feel this when you add a drop to your water 🙂 Most Essential Oils are used externally, on the skin or diffused into the air, however the Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils I use, doTERRA, are pure enough that many can also be used internally.

I have both, the essences and the oils, in my medicine kit. I use both regularly on myself, my family  and my clients, to support whole health and wellbeing. I generally reach for my Bush Essences for emotional imbalances (temper tantrums, pms, anxiety) and my Essential Oils for the more physical ailments (colds, flus, burns). But I am slowly learning how to combine them, and it is working beautifully and I am learning that the Oils can also work amazingly to support our emotions…. I feel like a nature-nymph-goddess.

If you would like to learn more, or book a session with me please call me 0402787019 xxx

flower essence 3

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ajahli and me and koa

mothers day fantasy

so I was lying in bed the other night and my mind started wandering as to what I wanted for mothers day….. or rather how my d r e a m mothers day would go. It was kind of like letting your mind drift off when you imagine that you won the lottery…what would you do…where would you go….you can totally waste a good hour following that fantasy. But anyhoo my mothers day fantasy (kind of sad now I am thinking it through..or writing it down more to the point) was pretty I thought I would share this, and hopefully inspire your own fantasies…who knows maybe our husbands will read them and turn them into our reality (highly doubt this but….miracles do happen)

Sooooo my mothers day fantasy..

I s l o w l y wake up after a full uninterrupted nights sleep. when I wake I realise the sun has already risen, and I can hear my fam out in the kitchen..I am smiling snug as a bug in my bed because I opened my own eyes this morning and did not have them pried open by tiny fingers. ahhh bliss.

I lie here..for a while… doing nothing.. speaking to no one. just me. in my bed. things dreams are made of. After about 30 mins of my own time, all my boys come into my bed, with a tray which carries a green smoothie, a soy chai latte and a block of chocolate. breakfast of champions. Koa and Jahli have both painted cute as little pictures of them walking with me in a forest full of flowers and fairies..(unlike the regular pics of me being run over by a monster truck) the pictures are already framed, all I need to do is simply hang them on the wall. I love them! both boys snuggle with me in my bed while I eat the chocolate… they don’t try to punch each other in the face, and they tell me they have been helping daddy clean the house, do the dishes and finish folding and putting away all the clothes….. ahh I think how lucky I am.

when I finally rise from my bed, belly and heart full, I have a shower. alone. and do my business. alone. could this day get any better?

I get dressed. alone. and even have time to brush my hair…I am looking half ok I think to myself.

As I emerge into my spotless kitchen my hubby is smiling and tells me I look beautiful and he has booked me into the local morning yoga class and I best be on my way because I do not want to be late ‘you do so much for all of us, you deserve some much needed me time’. ahhhh I feel so loved and appreciated. they have been noticing everything I do. everyday, all day.

I float into yoga….it is divine. I effortlessly flow from handstand to crow and back up again (this is my fantasy remember 😉 the teacher is this new guy filling in from Hawaii….very ok on the eye, and he spouts the most divine wisdom from his mouth during the class…could this day get better?! best yoga class ever. my mind is completely empty during the meditation..(not a million to-do lists in sight). I leave class so zen that I forget where I park my car, but it doesn’t matter because this guy on the street lends me his bike and I ride home, sun shining on my face, wind in my hair because I am not wearing a helmet.. and it feels so good.

I arrive home and all my family have arrived for a long lunch, which I did not help cook, even a bit. no one asks where my car is, and we drink a few wines, we eat some amazing food, we laugh, we play with the kids, who again seem to be resiting hitting each other constantly.. they are actually playing peacefully and are saying please and thankyous and eating their vegetables.. even asking for seconds. this is awesome. my family are rad. mothers day rocks. I am a super mum I think to myself.

After lunch my divine hubby cleans up, the rest of my family head home, and hubby mentions the surf is perfect out front..2-3ft and glassy, barley anyone out ‘off you go babe – its your day, ill finish cleaning up here, surf as l o n g as you want, enjoy yourself.’ F*** yes I scream – and off I run, board underarm to the beach.

As I paddle out I notice the only people in the line up are actually all my girlfriends – their hubbys have spoilt them rotten for mothers day too, we are all feeling appreciated, loved and content, and we all look radiantly divine (instead of exhaustedly dishevelled) We share waves, laugh, chat and basically all have the best surf of our lives…we surf until sunset..and for the last part of our surf we share waves with a pod of friendly dolphins….I feel so freaking good.

I run home from the surf because I am so refuelled and happy – and step inside to my beautiful boys. the house is warm and cosy, and we all snuggle up on the couch and finish the day off watching a movie together. a girls movie. not a cartoon in sight. no superhero. no truck, car or digger.

Koa and Jahli fall asleep in my arms. divine little beings whom I adore. they transfer to bed without a peep….and I actually have energy for my husband…..b(*insert woof whistle)

Hell yes. that is my dream mothers day… maybe my dream any or every day. Don’t get me wrong..I have had parts of this day, a piece here and there….but as a stay at home mumma, those me moments are sparse. divine but sparse. BUT this dream day…mmmm makes me happy just thinking about it…..oh, and regarding my car, it was found stolen, and the insurance company calls and tells me its my lucky day and they are replacing it with a pimping BMW 4wd. winner winner chicken dinner.

what is your medicine?

I am part way though a series of classes where we are journeying towards b a l a n c e. The first week was about uncovering and understanding what unbalances us, moves us further away from ourselves, and allowing these things to fall away so that we can say a big fat YES to all things that balance and nourish us on a deep soul and cellular level.

This week we are calling in our ‘medicine’, all those things which guide us to our self, nourish our entire being, make us feel calm, centred, vital, healthy, whole and connected. When we delve into our medicines, surround ourselves with medicinal people and places, feed our bodies, minds and souls with medicinal foods and activities…we feel A L I V E.

Now just like conventional or traditional medicine , we may need a different prescription each day depending on how we are feeling, or we may have a few medicines which we know we need every day…like a cuddle from you significant other, or beginning the day with 10mins of meditation. Only you can uncover what your medicine is, and in this is where great power lies. As you now become your own physician, and the power to heal, nourish and balance becomes yours. The power to heal lies within your hands…pretty cool huh? also pretty daunting.

Taking responsibility for our health and wellbeing, discovering our medicines, ancient and new, can be exciting and powerful, but also scary and challenging. We have to step up and own who we are and acknowledge what actually feeds our bodies and minds, and what destroys them.

The journey of physician in my own life has been both joyful and exhausting. As I am the ‘responsible person’ in my relationship with myself, not the doctor down the road, or acupuncturist in town…although I do call on them, if that is the medicine I feel I need. But I am the one I am with 24/7, 7 days a week, from first breath, to last. I should by now, you’d think, know what I need, and what I don’t…I am still learning.

And through this learning journey as my own physician, I am learning what my medicine is…..

I have finally accepted that my body hates gluten, doesn’t need much meat, and my energy flows better with little dairy. Fresh fruits and veggies, simple wholesome food makes me feel good. like really good. like the best medicine ever good. Yoga, movement, stillness and coming back to my breath makes me feel calmer, more connected, and basically a more loving, nicer-to-be-around person. Meditation makes me feel lighter and gives me more clarity. Walking on the beach allows me to release my day. Writing clears my head and allows me to process how I am feeling and what I am learning to be my truth. Connecting with people on my wave length deeply nourishes my soul. Teaching yoga expands my heart and gives me a sense of purpose. Surfing wakes me up and connects me to mother nature.  Wearing flowers in my hear makes me feel beautiful and youthful. Gardening makes me come back down to earth. My family feeds every fibre of my being, and being truly present when I am with them (switch my phone OFF!) makes me feel so so so joyful. Spending time alone recharges my batteries. These, I am learning, are some of my most powerful medicines. Remembering to take my medicines is a whole different journey….but I am getting there…and I am being gentle with myself along the way…

what is your medicine?

shunning the booze


I have been working on my Yoga classes this week with the underlying tone of b a l a n c e. Something that is becoming quite a focus of mine in my life this year. What moves me towards my centre, nourishes my sense of balance…and what unbalances me.. uproots me, moves me further off my path, my truth?

My mantra for this year is ‘I am authentic’ and with that comes a whole lot of self enquiry, self study, self exploration…all of which I did not realise would accompany such a simple sankalpa, and never had I guessed it would be so life transforming! This has definitely showed me how powerful these tiny seeds of promise and commitment are!

anyhoo my year of being authentic begun with no alcohol…..a commitment I made to myself – I wanted to move into our first retreat Chaandra, clear, clean, awake and aware….and I certainly did! and I found it easier and more delightful than I ever thought shunning the booze could be. I have been a drinker, a social enthusiast of wine, for as long as I can remember, so not only was this a shock to me, but a shock to most of my friends! BUT the way not drinking made me feel was indescribable, and the simple act of cutting it out has changed my life.

Firstly, I realised one of the main reasons as to WHY I would drink. It was a social lubricant for me, it allowed me to feel more confident and fun around others. BUT as I have been more fully stepping into myself, loving myself, seeing myself as worthy, strong, capable, loving, independent, powerful, kind…..I realised I no longer needed this social lubricant. I now owned my voice, I now owned who I was and I was no longer afraid of the world not accepting me, as I had finally accepted myself…and this realisation has been so powerful.

Secondly, not drinking has created so much s p a c e and willpower in my life. Instead of wishing for my boys bed times so I can have that well deserved glass or two of wine. I practice yoga. I go for a walk on the beach. I have a cup of tea and chat to my husband. I plan my classes and retreats. I meditate. I read. I delve into practices, activities and people whom NOURISH my soul. and it feels so dam good. and I wake up the next day feeling so dam good. its a beautiful cycle.

My willpower has skyrocketed ten fold. Being a Kapha (mostly made of water and earth) I can be prone to sluggishness, laziness, choosing pleasure over what is actually good for me. When I was drinking, my willpower went flying out the window…I would then eat that extra piece of chocolate, or bypass my yoga practice, wake up groggy and skip my intended sunrise meditation practice. I would push to the side all of the things that keep me balanced, that really make me feel on a soul level good, not just in the moment good.

Since cutting back on the booze, I have been enjoying my yoga practice so much more, instead of looking at it as just another thing I should be doing, I crave it again and look forward to my time on the mat. And when I am on the mat I am beginning to move more, as I feel my energy levels have dramatically increased. I am meditating more. I am enjoying my boys more, laughing and playing with them more freely. I have taken up a plant based diet, kicked gluten to the curb and am beginning to feel more fabulous, energised, enthused and content than I ever have IN MY LIFE. big call I know. But my motivation and commitment levels to nourishing myself have never been stronger.

Now I know I cant put this all on the alcohol, and alcohol is not the bad guy here. It was how I was using it, it was when I was using it, it was why I was using it. And it definitely served a purpose in my life, I probably would have never had the courage to talk to my husband many many years ago had it not been for the much needed help of the liquid courage. BUT now, and I cant believe I am really saying this, I do not need it. It does not serve me, and I feel so freaking good without it. I have come a long long way… and I am also not saying I will never drink again, I had a few last weekend…but the feeling it created in me for the next two days was enough of a lesson to reaffirm to me that I don’t need it. not right now. And on this final note, alcohol is now on my list of what unbalances me…what moves me further away from what I really, truly want to be doing, and who I beautifully am.

my top 5 tips to tame the crazy


the crazy Christmas season is upon us – however I don’t know about you, but I can feel a little crazy all year, work, home-life…general life! can all sometimes send me into a spin. BUT one thing that yoga gives me is s p a c e. Space to step out of this (sometimes) before the cray-cray takes over and I react to my children, partner, dog, or literally cry over the spilt milk…which is all over the floor. ahh life, it is a rollercoaster of events which can push us over the edge, or give us another opportunity to practice. and practice. and practice. so I have gathered MY top 5 tips to tame the crazy lady or man in all of us.

  1. BREATHE – this simple simple s I m p l e technique which is so underrated and underappreciated – TAKE a deep breath. that is all. take it now. take it when your kids draw all over your kitchen table (literally happening as I write these words) Take a deep breath in the shower, toilet, car, while your washing your dishes or your dog. Take a d e e p breath. do it right now. feels good doesn’t it? and the crazy person in you is starting to retreat… Did you know that the breath and the act of breathing is one of the only actions in the body that is voluntary and involuntary.. pretty cool hey? So give your body a break every now and then, give it more prana and therefore more life by simply taking a deep breath.
  2. LET IT GO – as the wise woman from frozen sang on repeat for a year  -Le t IT Go. easy to say, harder to practice. Look around you right now…I am sure there is something that needs cleaning / tidying / finishing / doing /  re-doing… Somewhere you are meant to be going, or someone you need to meet, some work deadline that needs achieving…. See what I am getting at.. there is ALWAYS something. which one of these can you let go of right now. start small. If you always have the pressure cap on and run around ticking your to-do-boxes like a lunatic every day, this will be hard. If you are like me (a bit prone to laziness) its a little easier. Let it Go –  singing the song helps too 🙂
  3. BOUNCE – yep, bounce. my yoga facia teacher taught me this one. stand up and jump up and down. jiggle and wiggle your arms, wobble your cheeks. feel your facia fly (and your inner thighs 🙂 We store our issues in our tissues. and by moving our facia we keep them hydrated, soft and pliable, we allow our emotions (aka crazy lady) to flow through us like a wave, rather than bog us down like mud. doing this one may make us look crazy on the outside, But it feels good! – I bounce when my kids are in the bath, in the beginning they thought I was mad (madder than normal) but now its normal and I find them bouncing randomly too. give it a go.
  4. STEP OUTSIDE – we all know how good fresh air feels. The wind on your skin, the sun on your face, the sounds of birds, waves, or even traffic… it all brings us back HERE. right h e r e right NOW. When we get carried away on the cray cray train we are no longer present.. we are caught up in an imaginary story in our minds.. a story of imaginary battles, failures and catastrophes – a story I can 99% guarantee wont come true. So, put down that phone, pen, dirty dish, crying baby and step outside and as you do FEEL this moment. label what you feel, what you see, what is before you right NOW and see the story you were tangled in begin to disappear.
  5. BE CRAZY – what we resit persists – heard that before? Sometimes just by acknowledging that we cant always have our s*** together, that we are humanBEINGS, living a colourful life full of ups and downs, merry-go-rounds, births, deaths, taxes, successes, failures, friends and foes, the craziness subsides. Acknowledge the perfection in the imperfection. Over my 10 years as a yoga teacher it has always amused me when my students ask how I stay so calm? centred? relaxed?! HA! I would think, I too have my moments like everyone else, but I also have the tools. I cry, I fail, I fall, I feel jealousy, anger, confusion…. but it does not define me. I used to worry about my ‘teacher image’ I must do this, I must not do that, or let people see that side of me, that side that isn’t vegetarian-super-bendy-save-the-world me. But over my years of practice I have learned to LOVE all of me. The crazy-beautiful-enjoys-a-wine-or-two me. And as I learn to embrace and show my crazy – I feel my connection to my students has deepend ten fold. They see themselves in me, and I see myself in them. When we remove the labels – teacher, student, mother, father, doctor, cleaner – we just are. and we are all the same with the same feelings ebbing and flowing, the same needs and desires, the same heart centre. We are all trying to hide our crazy from each other, pretend our crazy side doesn’t exist…. BUT….I ask of you… let him or her out of the cage, and as you do, watch her subside before your eyes.


holding space


I don’t know if it is that I am getting older and seeing more l i f e. Of if there has just been a lot going on around me this past year. But I have seen people pass over too young, friends get sick, and loved ones suffer in grief and sadness. Over my 33 years of life I have been extremely blessed to not encounter tragedy as yet. But this past year I have begun to see the other side of life. The side that I was scared of, that used to taunt me from the side line ‘ you will feel me one day’ and I am starting to understand. This sense of helplessness that you cannot heal holes in peoples hearts, that those you love will feel pain, and you can be there, but you cant make the pain go away. The fact that deep guttering sadness exists, and emotional pain can be more unbearable than physical. Now I am still  to feel the immense pain of losing a close loved one, but I am starting to see my loved ones lose there’s – and when I imagine their pain, my heart grows heavy and I feel them. But as I am also learning that the reason this pain and sadness exists, is only because of L O V E. And when tragedy strikes, LOVE also strikes. Love is the reason we feel so heavy and empty when someone departs. Love is also the reason we all get back up. I am so lucky to live in a small coastal community where the love everyone shows each other is mind blowing. There has been sickness and sadness here of late, but what makes my eyes cry is the love which outpours from EVERYONE to those who are in need. And the strength shown by the individuals involved blows my mind. these everyday people, my friends, become my real life super heroes, simply by putting one foot in front of the other, and facing the difficult days with a inner strength I hope in my time, I will have too.

The pain my friends are currently experiencing, teaches me that one day I too will be in their shoes, that no one is immune, no matter how much we wish we all were. But this same pain, this painful shortness of life, also screams WAKE UP you are alive! and no one can tell you how long are so blessed. you are so loved! do not for one minute take this precious life for granted. LIVE like this is your first day, and your last day. Ive heard this all before, but now I u n d e r s t a n d it. It has also taught me that any action from the heart is the right action.. it is new territory walking the path of watching suffering so close, and at first I didn’t know what I should do, or was allowed to do, or was expected to do… and then talking to my husband we both came to an understanding that if we always move from our hearts – no action can be wrong. If we move from a place of love, it will always be ok. That just b e i n g there is sometimes all that is needed. showing up, and holding space, not trying to heal those in need, but simply hold them. This post is dedicated to my beautiful friends going through their dark days. I know I can not take the pain away but I am here to hold you, and to love you.

my friendship with Ishvara Pranidhana


‘Ishvara Pranidhana’

For those of you who have attended any of my classes, you may have heard me utter these words..once or twice or thrice before. For those of you who have attended my Pre-natal yoga classes or workshops, you have definitely heard me preach these words maybe hundreds of times before! in my first few years I used to pronounce and speak these words incorrectly… stating confidently to my students ishvarIPranIdhaRa… unbeknownst to me completely wrong pronunciation and spelling…. but we all got the drift. I think, I hope.

This Sanskrit statement literally tanslates to ‘surrender to the universal flow’. I surrender to the rythyms of the universe, I trust and slip gently into the flowing river of life and surrender. I trust. I surrender. It is my life motto and I continually and constantly come back to it. It is such a great mantra to repeat whenever we feel stuck, anxious, fearful and in a space of wanting to control every outcome and situation. It is therefore perfect for Pregnancy and labor, both such uncontrollable situations, where we literally have no choice but to step back and practice Ishvara Pranidhana. However most of us try with effort to birth, we push through, we grit our teeth, we clench our jaw, we try harder, we want the baby out faster, quicker, We tell our baby come before Christmas, after Christmas, after ive cleaned the house and finished your room. We want a natural birth, a caesarean birth, a drug fuelled birth, a water birth… We try to have some sort of control over an unpredictable situation.

Now I am not saying there arent things we can do, plans we can put in place, to allow our labour, or our life, to flow in a direction we kind of want it to go in. we definitely can. But, we need to be soft on our ideals, wants and desires, and practice Ishvara Pranidhana. For when we surrender, totally and completely, we soften, our body softens, and then the magic can unfold…the labour, or the life, which awaits us can naturally unfold before us.

During my second pregnancy I was classified as high risk, I had many complications (I used the word special circumstances –  which instantly made me feel more calm than being called high risk at every appointment!) and they wouldn’t let me go over my due date without me really kicking up a fuss. Something I thought about for a while, but a fight with Drs, at 38 weeks pregnant, was something I didn’t want to spend my energy on. so I surrendered.

I went in to be induced, broke my waters… nothing happened. I ran up and down the stairs, the hills, I bounced on the fit ball, I used breast pumps, clary sage and even some techniques I wont say in public 😉 nothing happened. The Drs threatened the drip, the midwives said I had the right to refuse. back and forth, back and forth. the tension in my room was INTENSE to say the least. not how I pictured my calm zen 2nd labour.

I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes. He saw me. he knew what I needed, and I will be forever grateful for what he did next. He told everyone, the Drs, the nurses, the midwives, to GET OUT. they left. it was just us. and it was in this quiet space that I could surrender. surrender to the situation, and surrender to what needed to be done to get my baby out. I sat down on the floor, closed my eyes and meditated. I silently chanted Ishvara Pranidhana, I surrounded myself and my baby in white light. I softened. I relaxed. I let go. And that was the turning point of that labour, we decided to have the drip, the contractions begun, I kept surrendering to them, I allowed them to wash over me, and our second son was born peacefully in the water an hour or two later. it was magical. and it was because I could peacefully enter the state of surrender.

When we surrender, we soften, not just in labour, but in life. We are able to relax and release the need to control. The current of life will take us to magical places beyond out wildest dreams, if we just surrendered. When we are tired, rest. When we have energy, play. When we are sick, slow down and give space to healing. When we are well embrace life and give to others. When we are hungry eat, thirsty drink. when we are sad cry, happy, laugh. when we need help, ask. when we are asked, help. Slip into the rhythm, give up the fight, that need for control and  allow yourself to drift peacefully, wholeheartedly, along the river of life. Ishvara Pranidhana.

blame it on the moon


 I love the moon, I especially love reading all about the spiritual side to the moon i.e. how the moon affects us… physically, emotionally and energetically. And for those of you who have just sighed and thought ‘she’s a freaky-hippy-weirdo-type’, well yes, I kind of am, but here are my thoughts. We are over 80% water….and the moon greatly affects the waters of the earth..we see this through the tides, so I am pretty sure the moon, especially a supermoon is going to pull on our waters just a smidge.  Our emotions are also associated with water..they ebb and flow, they rise and fall, they can be turbulent or calm. just like water. So the moon can also affect our energetic waters – our emotions. Who hasn’t gone a little bat-shit-crazy and blamed it on the moon before?!

This supermoon however has been described as a chill moon. Sound great to me, a much better adjective than intense or destructive.. words which have described previous moon cycles. So I am embracing this chill moon and having a chill day..I am in my trackies, no makeup, no desperate need to clean, tidy, wash, bake, attend, work…function at all productively… and yes, I will blame it on the moon…or as I also like to say, surrender to the moon. The next moon cycle will probably bring with it up-lifting, motivating qualities…but until then I surrender. This may sound like an excuse (maybe it is) but I am learning to go with the flow of not only the moon energies – but my own energies. Today I actually feel like doing nothing (could be the moon, could be my massive weekend..who knows 😉 but instead of feeling guilty and pushing through by drinking two coffees and wishing I had more energy and hating feeling sluggish -don’t-want-to-get-off-the-couch mood….I am surrendering. I am sure tomorrow, or the next day.. my motivation will return..but until then I surrender to being soft, passive…chill.

As I began this post, I had the intention to wind up the blog by creating a list of intentions for the week, publically committing to them so it was even more a reason to follow through! But, as I reach the end of my writing, I do not feel even the slightest enthusiasm to create a list… let alone implement one! so I am simply going to create one intention…and that is to simply chill. THIS week I surrender to the supermoon, and I simply chill. I will relax around my to-do list (which seems to be eternal right now) my house work, my social commitments, my spitiual practices, my ideals, ideas, my dreams, my business…I step back, and I commit to relaxing around these. all of these. to simply chill. And when my husband gets home and it looks like a bomb went off in the living room, and I am sitting amongst the chaos, with a cup of tea, chillaxing, …I will smile, look him lazily in the eye and blame it on the moon.

Open post

How my morning shower has replaced my morning meditation practice

sad? on one hand yes, but also delightful. I am a busy stay at home mum, who also runs a business and works outside mum hours (if there is such a thing). So to say my life is full, is a definite truth. Gone are the ages of setting up my day with my practice, quiet contemplations over a cup of tea, and maybe a walk on the beach.. to be replaced by the literal prying open of my eyes by toddlers chubby fingers and screams of hunger you would swear they haven’t been fed in a week… ahhh children..divine creatures of heaven. BUT in saying that we all know I wouldn’t change it for the world.. maybe just for a day here and there 🙂

So that’s my wake-up life, 7 days a week, and I still need my practice, now more than ever. so I only just realised how ‘my morning shower has replaced my morning meditation practice’ today, while in the shower. We have a shower bath combo set-up, so I pile my boys in the bath with toys – here they cannot move, run, escape, destroy the house,  and I slip longingly into the shower. I disappear under the stream of water, and for the first few moments I run over my life / world problems..and then I simply have the intention to be.. I endeavour to feel every drop, every breath, the warmth, the cool, the moment… this moment which is just mine and just so dam good. and at the same time the boys are getting semi clean, and I try not to think about the water i am using and the detrimental effect this may be having on the environment and that we really need to put our house on rainwater. ahh thoughts, they never stop, but the small moments of shining, divine, all encompassing peace that resides between them still draws me in. and it is from these glimpses of silence and stillness that I gather myself for the day ahead. And I now realise also, why I get sooo grumpy when I don’t get my morning shower…

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The perfect instagram pic

Candice discussing her search for the perfect Instagram pic…

‘I’ve always been envious of people’s Instagram yoga shots. Perfect bodies. Perfect asanas… And it’s always made me wonder, who takes these photos? And how do all these people find time to take photos of themselves doing yoga? I’m a yogi, shouldn’t my feed be full of beautiful yoga pics?.. But I barely have time to practice asana these days, let alone capture it on camera! So alas I live through other people’s beautiful Instagram photos… Until today.. When I happened to be in a stunning location, with one of my besties who happens to be an incredible photographer…. I begged.. Please take a photo of me doing yoga.. Just one! I want to put it on Instagram! Show the world, or at least my small number of followers…. That I too, can bend my body a little..So we tried. And then my perfect Instagram pose was ‘bombarded’ by my REAL life. And I realised These two little monkeys ARE my yoga. They come with me everywhere, they basically live on my lap, they teach me to be strong, Yet flexible, they teach me to get out of my head and into my body, into my heart, and LIVE in the now… Everything the practice of yoga gives too. So, here I am, practicing yoga, my beautiful yogi Instagram pic.. And I wouldn’t change a thing.’ @liveyuga @alicebell_abp #yoga #mumlyf #yuga #liveyuga.

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