The name and idea YUGA came to creator Candice Hooper one day while driving. It Simply popped into her head. Yuuuuuugggaaaaa. Candice loved it instantly. The word Yoga, but with a U, and thus YUGA was born. It was the perfect name for the vision both Candice and her husband, Gareth, had. Their dream was to put YOU in the yoga, YOU in the practice, YOU in the adventure, YOU in the experience. Yuga.

Candice has been immersed in the yoga & wellness industry for ten years, and Yuga is the yoking of this acquired knowledge & passions. Yuga is the platform which allows us to combine yoga, meditation, health, wellness, adventure and travel. We have wrapped them all up like a gift, and then gifted them to you, as Yuga. We want to take YOU to the places you have always dreamed about. We want to share our loves and passions with YOU. We want to inspire YOU to adopt these wellness practices that enhance our lives every day. We want YOU to allow your dreams to become your reality.

We have combined a team of wonderful, loving and passionate people all with the desire to nurture, nourish and educate YOU. Together we have created retreats ranging from a few hours, to week-long, all with the intention to give YOU one of the most loving, authentic, memorable experience of your life.

Do not see the perfect retreat for you? Ask us! We can tailor personalised retreats for you and your group. We also work with business and workplaces providing in-house yoga, meditation and wellness seminars.

We look forward to sharing a YUGA experience with you, to nurturing, educating and inspiring you to live the best life you were destined to live.

Namaste The Yuga Team